Good Luck Candice — from Ms. C. Johnson’s 3rd graders

We’re are gigantic fans! We’ve been watching you ever since you came on American Idol. We totally think you are the best and that you’re going to win.

West (he’s nine and NOT terribly shy) has some advice for you. Continue your singing career after the show no matter what because you have a beautiful voice.

Tijanee (she’s 8 and wants to be a dancer) says if you believe in your dreams you can achieve those dreams.

Zion (he’s 8 and a huge football fan) just wants to wish you good luck in your life — not just the contest.

Darius (8, not the same as Darius Rucker) says keep moving forward.

Shaylia (8 with the mind of a 62-year-old) has this shout out: YOU CAN DO IT!

Quaevion (8 as well) says the sky’s the limit.

Everyone else agrees and says KEEP REACHING FOR THE STARS***********


One thought on “Good Luck Candice — from Ms. C. Johnson’s 3rd graders

  1. We are Mrs. Bing’s 4th grade class. We’d like to comment on the 3rd’s grader’s posting. Even thought those 3rd graders are really young, and don’t know much, they are right! We support Candice too and one of her cousins, Aryanna, says Candice is a great singer.

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