(BEAUFORT, SC) Drive Day 12 minus 14 years.

This is a picture of the man who made our roadtrip possible, literally. He found this sweet 1968 Avion truck camper in the Milwaukee classifieds in 2003. Phoned Gary, who called me in Honduras to see if $1,200 was reasonable. Are you kidding? Cut the check pronto. This will be our home for at least a year on the road. If Joe can get it in living condition. But he’s a builder so I have


Neat videos to watch

Hello students — if you see this and want a recommendation for neat videos to watch — check out this thing called TEDxCharleston. A group of speakers is picked to talk to an audience about ideas worth spreading. One of them this year is a high school student named Hunter Legerton.

Pass the Pass!

We are Ms. Brook’s 5th grade class at St. Helena Elementary. The PASS test is the Palmetto Achievement Standardized test. It’s a state test to show where we are academically.

If you paid attention during the year, it should be easy. But, lots of us are nervous.

Ahzhane says “I’m nervous because I might not remember what Ms. Pope and Brooks taught us.”

So to build up our confidence, here’s what we’re going to do:

Khristianna (10) says “I’m going to study hard and practice a lot.”

Summer (11) says “To build up for the test you need to ask your teachers questions if you don’t get something.”

Kijani (11) says it’s all about concentration.

Makalah (11) says “If you believe, you can achieve.”

The writing part of the PASS is Tuesday of next week and all the rest are May 7th through the 9th. So this means we have 2 months to get ready.

Wish us luck!


The best Panthers EVER

we Rule the School :)

We are Mrs. Pope’s 5th grade class at St. Helena Elementary School. This means that we are the “seniors” of the whole school. (we should explain – our school goes from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade)

We would like to give advice to our younger Panthers (that’s our mascot):

Jayden (10) says “Always get your work done.”

Michael (10) says “Set a goal through all the grades until you get to fifth grade.”

Terell (11) says “My advice is you should always stay in school and get your work done.”

Robert (11) says “Never give up.”

Jewell (10) says “Keep your grades up to get in a good college.”

Daishia (10) says “Stay in school and work hard to get better grades.”

Darwin (11) says “Education is valuable.”

Tyshon (10) says “Listen to your teachers.”

Jaylen (10) says “Learn. Study. Work. For today and tomorrow.”

Jeromiah (10) has this advice: “Do your homework.”

Baliek (11 – almost) has this advice: “Respect your elders and your parents.”

Tra’vion (11) wraps it up with this: “Don’t play around in class or you’ll get in trouble.”

So, because the teacher always has the last word… (and because we save the best for last) Mrs. Pope has this to say:

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste and your life begins with your education.”

(p.s. If you could be here right now you’d be hearing cheers)


Candice Fans

We are Mrs. Bing’s 4th grade class at St. Helena Elementary School. We also would like to congratulate you on being in the top three vote getters.

Layla (who is 9 and a member of the Lady’s club) says you got 42% of votes in South Carolina and she was one of them.

Samaree (who is also 9 and also a member of the Lady’s club) says it should have been 100%.

Aaron ( a 10-year old boy who is NOT a member of the Lady’s club) says this: YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Shakana (a 10-year old girl  who love dogs) is glad that your home state supports you.

Some collective advice from the class:


— try not to cry

—don’t be shy

—hold your head high

–don’t be afraid

—show ’em what you got

— pull out your skills

To wrap it up, here’s what the teacher has to say: “Remember what you were taught.”